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The author of Be a Facebook Marketeer

My name is Thomas Dohm.

I am from Denmark and a trained journalist.

I have worked professionally with Facebook marketing since 2012.

I run a marketing agency, Dohm Media, where I help companies to market on social media.

My experience ranges from small businesses, to big companies and events to huge international companies with billions in turnover.

No matter how big or small the business, it is my experience that the most effective marketing platform you can use is Facebook.

It is more targeted and cheaper than any other form of marketing.

Categories, where I have helped companies market themselves on Facebook:

  • Local shops (butcher, restaurant, retail store)
  • National Zoo
  • National events
  • National supermarket chain
  • National furniture wholesale
  • International tourist agency
  • International holiday home rental
  • International hotels

Whether you own a small sole proprietorship or sell on an international scale across many countries, this eBook will make your marketing better on Facebook and ultimately help you increase your revenue and thereby earn more money.

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Be a Facebook Marketeer

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