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FAQ about Facebook marketing

Who is on Facebook?

According to Facebook there are more than 2 billion profiles on Facebook.

  • Men: 1.3 billion
  • Women: 1 billion

Age groups:

  • 13-19: 360 million
  • 18-29: 870 million
  • 30-39: 530 million
  • 40-49: 280 million
  • 50-59: 160 million
  • 60+:  140 million

Source: Facebook

As you can see, all age groups are on Facebook.

No matter who your product addresses, you can find customers on Facebook.


Why do I need to advertise on Facebook instead of advertising on Google?

When we advertise on Facebook, we can reach thousands of potential customers for very little money.

We can target our ads very specifically and thereby create an interest in the product at the customer.

We simply show the customer what we can offer them when they are on Facebook.

If you advertise on Google, your ads will first show up when the customer uses some specific keywords.

On Facebook we can show the customer our products and create a curiosity for the product.

In other words, we tell them with our ads what they want to buy.

Facebook is a great platform to reach its existing target audience and create new customer groups.

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Be a Facebook Marketeer

What is a good post on Facebook?

There is a world different from the good and bad posts and ads on Facebook.

A good post means that your audiences will do the action you would like them to do.

In the eBook we show you how to make a post that your audiences react to.

Why should I advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is today the cheapest and most effective advertising form.

For a very small amount you can reach several thousand potential customers.

At the same time, advertising on Facebook can target your ads very accurately so you do not pay to advertise to people who fall completely outside your audience.

If you advertise in a newspaper, you pay for all newspaper readers to see the ad. And that's expensive.

On Facebook, you only pay for your audience to see the ad.

It gives better results and it is much, much cheaper.

Who can use Facebook marketing?

It can be all types of businesses.

The companies that can clearly make the most of marketing on Facebook are those who have a direct relationship with the end user / private customer – the B2C businesses.

If your company sells goods / services via a physical store or a web shop.

Businesses in the tourism industry also have very great opportunities for success on Facebook. These may include restaurants, hotels, car rentals, etc.

The same goes for companies who need to pay attention to their location and services.

  • Web shop
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Amusements
  • Retail
  • Craftsmen
  • Physiotherapists
  • Law firms
  • And many more

In short, virtually all companies and businesses can increase revenue through advertising on Facebook.

How much experience do I need to use advertising?

You do not have to be an Expert on Facebook to get started advertising on Facebook and attracting customers.

In the eBook, we provide you with the basic skills to make posts on Facebook and make targeted ads for very little money.

Do we buy anything on Facebook? - What do we buy on Facebook?

Yes, we do. And we buy all sorts of things, when we are on Facebook.

Many consumers get their eyes up for new businesses or products when they're on Facebook.

It is very expensive to make repeated advertising elsewhere, for example. in a newspaper.

And Facebook is a great place to draw attention to new products, offers and promotions.

What does an ad cost on Facebook?

It is very different depending on your target audience.

The short answer is that you decide completely how much you want to spend on each ad.

An example might be that you have a jewelry store in Herning, Denmark:

You have a product that is aimed at girls ages 13-17 who are interested in jewelry.

You target your ad for girls of this age with interest in jewelry within a radius of 30 km around Herning.

According to Facebook there are approx. 3000 girls within the target audience.

You want to run an ad for five days, and if you spend 20 US$ as a total of five days, each girl in the audience will see your ad at least twice.

The above example is a real example. And it shows that advertising on Facebook is very targeted and extremely cheap.

For 20 US$, you hardly get a character in a newspaper ad.

You can also run ad campaigns for a long time with much larger budgets.

Advertising on Facebook is for all budgets, big and small - and everyone can get some out of it.

How accurate can I hit my audience with Facebook advertising?

You can hit incredibly accurately. The above example is a real example.

You can target:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Geography
  • interests
  • Demography

You can target only one of the above criteria or a mix of more or all criteria.

In fact, it's only your imagination that limits what target groups you can find. In the eBook we will show you how to find your best audiences.

Who can I hit with advertising on Facebook?

There are more than 2 billion people on Facebook. And you can hit anyone with your advertising on Facebook.

But where Facebook really differs from other advertising media is on targeting. You can hit your customer group very accurately.

For example, if you are selling game play equipment, you can target your ad to people who are interested in role playing.

You can target incredibly precisely as we will show you in the eBook.

How do I find my audiences on Facebook?

I often hear companies say that all people can be their customers.

It is certainly true that the company would like to have all people as their customers.

But if we think about, we know that our product is not for everyone.

Your main audiences may be men aged 40-60 or maybe women between the ages of 20-30, or maybe your main audience is couple with pets.

The most important thing is that you try to narrow your audience and learn how to use the ad administrator to target your ads to exactly your potential customers.

We will show you how to find your customers on Facebook.

Can I advertise to several different audiences on Facebook?

You can do it - and you will.

You probably have more products that target different audiences. And here's Facebook really a playground.

Now that we can advertise so cheaply, we can easily create more ads that exactly target the right potential customer.

And you also can advertise for brand new customer groups – for a very low cost.

Imagine if you should approach so many different audiences in a newspaper ad.

Either, the ad would be very intransigent with many messages, or you would have to put more ads at a very high price.

How often do I advertise on Facebook?

It is entirely up to you.

You can have an ad running for a long time, or you can often run ads that run in a short period of time.

Which one best fit your business is a lot about what your product is and who your customers are.

We will give you hints and tips in the eBook.

What types of ads should I use on Facebook?

There are several types of ads on Facebook.

In the eBook you get the tools to use the most commonly used.

And in most cases, it will be enough for your business.

How much time do I need on advertising?

It depends on how often you advertise and how much you are willing to invest in time in it.

There is no formula for it.

It's also about how good you are to make good posts, etc.

In the eBook you also learn about making good posts.

How do we measure our ad effect on Facebook?

When your ad is running, Facebook gives you information about how your ad performs.

You can keep track of all statistics regarding your ad.

You can also track your announcement via pixels.

In the end, you should be able to see an increase in revenue in your business.

We will show you in the eBook how to take advantage of all the numbers Facebook provide, when you market on Facebook

What are the rules for advertising on Facebook?

There are some rules for advertising on Facebook.

It is Facebook itself that sets the rules for advertising.

In the eBook we review the most widely used rules when you start advertising.

What devices do we use when we are on Facebook?

When we are on Facebook, we spend about 80% of cases are a mobile device.

This means that we are on Facebook either on a smartphone or via Facebook's mobile app on a tablet.

The last 20% is on Facebook via a desktop or desktop version on a tablet.

What does "Retargeting" mean?

Retargeting means that once a potential customer has visited your website, you can subsequently show them new ads.

You have probably found that you have just been on the website and look at, for example. washing machines. And suddenly all sites are full of ads for washing machines.

It can be effective, but it must be used with care. Otherwise you risk scaring your customers away if you are too aggressive.

Fortunately, retargeting on Facebook is not as aggressive as you experience it on other websites.

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Be a Facebook Marketeer

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